The world is upside down

But i have nothing to fear..
Still sick and im feead up whit it! I just want to get well now so I can go to stockholm this week and go bananas! But I will probably stay in Falun and hangaround whit Mimmsan, she wants to go and watch the ski games at Lugnet, drink irish coffie and take some sun, sounds nice to! ;)
Two of my dear friends have had children, a boy and a girl. Unfortunately, I have only seen photos of them had wanted to meet them in person! May become when I get well, so as not to give them lots of illnesses.
Last night I slept with the bear, I like to sleep there it's like a hotel to get food and breakfast. Spending a lot of time in his place, almost like i moved in. Today they starts to fix the floors in my place it feels nice. Though I live at of course in the world's best Mimmi I really feel to move back to my appartment, especially to get my closet and make room for all my shoes! I will really miss to live with Mimmi, its nice to always have someone to share things with. So soon bye bye living in a bag. Today i slep almost all the day, i didnt know if I would go to work but after sleeping i didnt feel better so I stayed in bed all day. I am a bit bitter and feeling sorry for myself when I'm sick .. Need a lot of attention and cuddling, but who dosent.. Mimmi got food for me and now I make a vitamin bomb. Fruit salad, ice cream and vitamin bubbles! M is sleeping at a friends place so tonight Ollle and I have the place for ourselves. Godnight and love from your Bittersweatheart!

Just like Alice in Wonderland, my world upside down..


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